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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is about finding the root cause of our pain or areas in our lives we feel we fall short. It is not about treating just the symptoms.   Once the root cause is found, and we understand it,  we can then take steps forward to create the results we want in our lives.

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Our Thoughts and Feelings

 Our brain offers us thousands of thoughts every day.  And those thoughts create how we feel.  Some thoughts serve us, giving us the feelings we desire, while others do not.  The brain tries hard to keep us safe and comfortable, but being safe and comfortable all the time can keep us stuck instead of progressing. 

Rock Balancing

You may not even be aware that your thoughts and feelings are connected.  A Life Coach will help you  understand this, and teach you that you can choose to believe and feel anything you want, regardless of what is happening around you. 

Reach the Top

Change is never easy, and sometimes it feels impossible.  As your Coach I will help you understand what you are creating in your life right now  and show you what you can create going forward.  We will work together on the changes you want to make so that you can create your best life.

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