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Talk to Your Brain

Two weeks ago, my coach asked me the question, “Why would I want to work with you?” I immediately froze, and my brain went crazy creating so much drama! I questioned EVERYTHING!

  • Who WOULD want to work with you?

  • Who do you think you are that you have anything special to offer?

  • Are you sure you’re qualified?

And on and on it went.

And that’s what my brain does. Always offering me reasons that it thinks I should believe in order to stay “safe in the cave”, so to speak.

But here’s the deal. All it really offered me with those thoughts were the feelings of doubt, worry, and fear. None of which were helping me answer the question.

My brain thought it was protecting me, keeping me safe, but, honestly, it was doing just the opposite.

It felt like an eternity went by. I had to act, and fast! I had to talk to my brain instead of listening to it at that very moment.

“Look”, I answered, “There a A LOT of people out there that are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and doubtful. It’s just the nature of the world we live in! And they need someone to talk to, to listen, and to understand. And I totally get it! I have experience. I have education. I have training, and I have the desire to help. What more do I need?”

And then my brain quieted down.

I was reminded, once again, that I have the power over my brain. I have the power to examine and question those thoughts of self-doubt, worry, and fear my brain was offering me. And I have the power to choose to believe those “safe” thoughts, or to talk back. It’s up to me.

Listen to today’s podcast episode to hear the answer I gave my coach by clicking the button below.

Remember: You have the power. Talk to your brain more than you listen to it!



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