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Taking a Break to Play!

When my kids were young there were days that I felt buried under my to do list. No matter how much I would get done, there seemed to be more, and more yet to do. One day, when the anxiety was too much, I looked outside. I thought to myself, "I wish I could just go outside and play!" Suddenly it dawned on me! Who told me I couldn't go outside and play? Me!

Then I did it. I decided to give myself permission to play with my kids instead of the task that seemed so important at the time. The results? A clearer mind, a happier me, and happier kids. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to take a break and regroup.

Playing can be just the thing we need. Kids seem to have such a handle on this already, don't they? What happens when we become adults? Giving ourselves permission to put down the heaviness of life for a minute can give us all the relief we need. So go ahead, give yourself permission!

If this seems hard for you to do, let me coach you! You and your family won't regret it.

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