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Just Let Go

I used to think that as a wife and a mother it was my job to make my family happy. It sounds like such a lovely thought, doesn’t it? So selfless and right.

Trying to make my family happy was not only exhausting, but it was also very frustrating. Inevitably someone would be unhappy about something every day, and if I could not make them happy, I must be doing something wrong.

It sounds a bit ridiculous; I know.

Over time I have learned that I cannot make my family happy. I cannot make anyone happy! That is not my job! Yes, I can do nice things for them, serve them, and love them, but I cannot make them happy. Being happy is their job. They get to choose to be happy regardless of what I do or say.

And you know what? Once I Iet go of thinking it was my job to make my family happy, I became much happier! Funny how that worked out.

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