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It's Never Too Late!

Five years ago my youngest son was graduating High School and venturing off to college. I became an empty nester and suddenly my life was changing, again. I was faced with so many questions:

What am I going to do now? Where do I belong? Who AM I?

My brain offered me so many thoughts:

You are too old to start anything new. It's too late. You don't belong anywhere now. You don't have much to offer anymore.

I tried a few things, but found myself listening over and over to my brain. It wasn't a great place to be.

Then I found a Coach. She showed me what my brain was doing and taught me that I could stop believing my brain, and believe anything I wanted.

I began to believe that I could create the life I wanted to right now, as an empty nester. I'm not too old! I belong right where I am! I have so much to offer! It never too late to create the life I want!

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