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Enough is as good as a feast!

Over the weekend I participated in an event that I had been preparing for for over a month now. I was pretty excited about it and, as I usually do, I prepared way too much for the time that I had been given.

When it was all over, my brain naturally offered me tons of thoughts about it. Although I was able to let go of many of them, one thought, in particular, kept showing up:

“You didn’t do enough! You should have done so much more!”

Here’s the deal, I had 45 minutes, and I presented A LOT during that time. But that thought kept repeating itself over and over again. I tried to ignore it, but it just wouldn’t go away, so I decided to take a look at it.

And you know what? It was right! There was so much more I wanted to teach and discuss, and in that respect I didn’t do enough.

But this is where the agreement stopped. I wanted to do more, yes, but should I have? No.

I had a limit. I knew my strengths. And I decided that what I gave was enough for now.

When your brain offers you the thought, “You didn’t do enough! You should do more!” you don’t have to believe it. You can question it and decide for yourself what is enough according to your own strengths and limits.

What is enough for you will look different to someone else’s enough. And that is never a problem. In fact, I think Mary Poppins said it best when she said, “Enough is as good as a feast!”

Believe me, your “enough” is indeed, as good as a feast.

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